Top 8 examples of Fractal Art

Fractal Art is a kind of algorithmic art made by calculating a complex mathematical sequence or equation, and representing these results as animation, still images, and media. This type of art includes some of the most exclusive and enchanting geometric shapes. Such images appear the same at varied scales – no matter how small or big they are. Another characteristic is that they present great intricacy driven by chastity.To make a fractal, you can simply begin with a normal pattern and repeat it at tinier scales, over and over again, forever.

Here Are Some of The Best Examples

Ebony and Ivory

Created by Bill Beath, an Australian, who is specialized in depicting countryside, architecture, and nature. His artistic works combine modern digital modes with conventional film processes. His first fractal was basically a picture of Nautilus shell, which further led to the creation of fractals. Ever since then, he has been permanently engaged in this kind of art. Ebony and Ivory basically refer to the palette utilized based on classic tones of white and black. The image is based on the algorithm – Fibonacci Julia. It exhibits a captivating shape somewhere between an exquisite man made design and a natural design.


Created by Paul Decelle, who is a mechanical engineer in the U.S, this fractal is an exclusive composition of based on the chunk of a Mandelbrot set. He has employed various techniques, known for over a decade that can still astonish the onlooker by its grandeur. The composition depends on two principles. The algorithm “Slope” designates the same color to those areas with the same height such as in a topographical map. The algorithm “Lighting” on the other hand, colors towards white those areas of the surface lit up by an imaginary sun dominating the horizon while partially the shadows abstruse the surface. As a result, you get a three dimensional outcome that endows the detail in the fractal.

Water Lilies

Created by Roger Johnston, this is an extension of the emphasized function system of fractals. He has employed captivating colors along with intricate details. Crafting this kind of art for several years, Roger stands as one of the most exquisite and remarkable creators in this field of artwork.

The Manhattan Project

Created by Jacob Ankney, this art has some enthralling fractal designs. He has adored nature through this beautiful piece of work by incorporating trees, flowers, and much more into his art style. And what’s more – the texture and colors are awe-inspiring and you can even purchase the prints.

Rainbow Band

Creating 3D fractals for several years, Dr-Pen, an art hobbyist has created clean lines of Rainbow bands using vivid colors.

New Time Machine

This kind of art doesn’t really have to imply psychedelic and abstract. This unique piece was crafted by Hal Tenny, utilizing Mandebulb 3D, which an free application for crafting 3D fractals in detail with a wonderful assortment of picture effects.

Fragments of Creation

Programming and building computers since a very young age, James Alan Smith has utilized his standard graphic art package along with his own custom code to craft geometric and fractal artwork.

Mandelbulb 3D

Jorge Abalo has been creating works of art for several years, and in the 1990’s, he began working in digital art, and created flame fractals along with 3D modelling, and comic illustrations before being introduced to – Mandelbulb 3D. His fractal work i extraordinary an surreal.

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